Why Top School Travel Companies Offer Trips To Barbados

Why Top School Travel Companies Offer Trips To Barbados


At first glance, it may seem obvious why many school travel companies ignore Barbados as a destination for their student trips. The island does not seem to be a natural fit for tours geared towards 19 to 30 year old men, who are considered to be ‘hard to reach’ from the UK, and it is known to be an island that is inaccessible by road unless you are flying.

In fact, this line of thinking is erroneous. Barbados is a spectacular island and one that is ideal for young groups of students for a number of reasons. Just as importantly, the island is less than a two hour flight from Miami, Florida, an international hub for south east Asia air traffic. With an estimated population of about 325,000 people, it is one of the nations’s busiest, and safe, ports.

Bridgetown is in the west of the island, on the lower east side. (The english term ‘destination’ is appropriate as Bridgetown is the main town.) As a result, the economy here is heavily geared towards services and tourism. In the west of the island, Coral Bay is the main business area and also home to the North West Company, a powerful company that has a fort that has been in place for more than165 years. In the south, the island’s largest town is the main source of income, with duty free shopping, excellent restaurants, hotels and resorts by the coast, all of which are busy year around. Estate agents are also a popular service in Bridgetown, working on the island as well as in the main towns.

fumes from sugarcane and cattle operations are a commonestead in the hills and in the valleys. In the east, there are extensive sugar plantations (one of the biggest on the island) and well- established tourism, catering to the many Americans and Europeans who will visit the island, as well as many locals. In the hills behind the major towns are the ruins of a fortified medieval wall, thought to have been built to help protect the town of Tarbert from pirates and invaders. Just a few kilometers up the road is Cape West Coast, Barbados’ only surfing beach.

If you have never been to Barbados before, you are probably going to be surprised at how well it feels to you after you have spent some time there. Barbados is one of the best islands in the Caribbean, with a subtropical climate, though there are no mountains. Don’t let this put you off, however; the locals welcome you with warm hospitality.

If you visit Barbados, you will spend more than a week experiencing the true Barbadian experience. You will not have to worry about the lack of things to do in Barbados- there are plenty of local events and festivals (jazz and blues festivals, for example) to enjoy as well as tourist attractions like cricket and army displays. You will also enjoy the very best in Barbados hospitality, dining, and shopping.

And the northeast part of the island, Barbados presents much more of a beach lover’s paradise. fabulous white sands beach and breaks for surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling and scuba diving-it’s all available. If you want to spend more than a day on the south, northern, or eastern shores of Barbados, why not try a cruise and see more of the island? There are numerous boats that tailor trips to fit you, so you can have ample time to see Barbados and its lush vegetation while relaxing on the deck under the starlight.

Barbados is also a duty-free destination. While the capital city of Port Antonio is a bustling port, many of the other areas very picturesque and quiet. How about chilling on the beach and swimming in the pool at sunset? Better still, why not indulge in some retail therapy in the capital city? shopping is also excellent in Barbados. Aside from its duty-free shops, the city is also known for its amazing markets.

Soak up the sun on the south side of the island. Although the north is a little colder, the south is where to go to poolside barbeques and nice evenings. Although the southern climate is slightly more temperate, the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean keep the southern portion of Barbados warm all year long.

Dreams have come true for anyone who loves the sun and beaches, Barbados is the dreamy setting many are looking for. Just remember to pack sunscreen!

How I Got My pelvic

How I Got My pelvic


would get erased immediately.

Instead, they wanted to know about my day-to-day life ’ this time around, about the ups and downs of my own running career. So I ended up creating a new Instagram account, and made another blog post, one that was also about what happened to my marriage:

Sure enough… the comments piled up. I realized something: it was my inability to “market myself” that exasperated, infuriated, and confronted the porn and running communities. The “perfectly good run” was out of reach for many of them—and the whole “don’t let the internet get you down like that, talk to the people who love you” mantra also wasn’t working with me anymore.

The problem was that I had a hard time selling myself. I was too anxious and uncomfortable to interact with anyone.

“Who are YOU?” they would ask me. I would nervously answer with something vague and half-assed (so I’d get tagged in the comments section and get removed from the list of people to be found by).

“You must be a 50-year-old lifelong athlete who resents Social Media!”

“Sorry they like you! Don’t be like that!”

“Try again!”

At this point, I realized there was no going back. I had paid too much in dues and invested too much energy into this cult, and it wasn’t worth it. I had to change—I needed to make a multitude of changes:

I had to initiate sex with my online boyfriends. Didn’t matter if it wasn’t what I wanted or if they weren’t attracted to me anymore. Didn’t matter if we eloped. I needed to engage in public sex with someone who actually wanted to have sex; there was nothing taboo or awkward about this. I needed to be able to initiate sex with strangers. If I wasn’t able to, no amount of picking up on subtext or lack of attraction could save me from going back to the old me. I needed to ask for what I want and then take it IRL. I need to reintroduce myself to my friends who stripped from the fitness and bodybuilding genres. I need to enjoy a ritual of getting back to my place, and make sure I know people spaces while doing this. I need to take my routines seriously. I need to develop sexual skills during sexual fitness and bodybuilding workouts. I need to build muscle, lose fat, and get my pelvic bone density up. I need to build some muscle, lose fat, and get my pelvic bone density up because that’s how I’m putting myself on the path to longevity and productivity. I need to raise the bar of my upper body strength training and physique programming to yet higher level. I need to re-assess my goals. How bloated can my goal setting be before my mind starts to register the scale above me? I need to develop the immense mental discipline needed to stick with specific and productive goals; how many times will it take until I have actively disabled the members-only site while climbing the Rocky Mountain quest wall without failed attempts? How can I use what recovery and stress management techniques will accrue up until and after a new bulk? How can I control how the Dominant feet communities react to my insanely experimental workouts that will defy nature?

They are right, you know? This life, for me, is all about balancing happiness and mortality, because I refuse to live without lucid purpose. I refuse to become a middle-aged woman with absolutely no reason to offer a solution to anything, because I don’t want that to be me. If the endless list of excuses were self-evident—I’m always sleepy; I’m tired; I don’t exercise; I’m too self-conscious about my appearance; I don’t know anyone who can help; I’m too rude; my blog has too many readers; my new bikini is too small—I wouldn’t question my life any longer. I wouldn’t bother sharing ideas with people who have nothing to offer, because I have no reason to believe, in spite of everything, that I might actually be able to do something positive with my life.

People created this crazy world where I lived as an ill-fated, emotionally self-destroying part of it. I think many of those people just want to know “that’s it? That’s the only answer?” I can see why. I can understand why. I’m certainly guilty of it myself.


But you know what? I’m tired of being just another victim or getaway driver. And here’s the thing. Most of us view life as just another PR problem or “sport problem” (like helping your burgeoning female recruitment programs out: town halls, issue briefs, conference calls, online communities). We all work hard at it;